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Taxi Driver Issues: How to Stop Heavy Petting in Your Cab!

Taxi Driver Issues: How to Stop Heavy Petting in Your Cab!

As a taxi driver you will be well aware of the perks that the occupation can provide. From healthy customer tips to daily excursions down unknown streets, you cannot deny that each day is as exciting and interesting as the last. Driving through an array of towns and cities means that you undoubtedly pick up an eclectic bunch, welcoming people from all walks of life into your cab. From the silent old lady that does not speak a word to the chatterbox that wants to know the ins and outs of life as a taxi driver, you never know who is going to open that door. That said, over the years taxi drivers have crafted a way to categorise passengers, judging their body language before they even enter the taxi. Gaining an idea of whether they are going to be a runaway passenger, a barterer or going to be sick on the seats is a crucial move. The worst of all are the heavy-petters, those who seem to be completely disillusioned with social etiquette and propriety. With couples treating your backseat as they would their bedroom you must put some rules in place to ensure offensive and awkward taxi rides and well and truly swerved. The majority of such passengers have usually had a skin full of drink, therefore you must be direct with them. By hanging a ‘No Heavy Petting’ sign in the back of your cab you will be showing these customers who is boss. With many taxis now having cameras fitted a ‘CCTV’ sign could do the trick in keeping these taxi lovebirds apart. Although you do not want your taxi to work as a chastity belt there is a time and a place, which is certainly not your cab! Let us know how you tackle heavy-petters in your taxi.

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