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Taxi Drivers to Address Adur District Council to Increase Taxi Tariff

Taxi Drivers to Address Adur District Council to Increase Taxi Tariff

A group of taxi driver’s came together last week in a vote that would decide on whether to put pressure on the council to increase tariff charges. The Hackney taxi tariff hasn’t seen a rise since 2008, leaving workers within the industry pretty frustrated. A trade ballot was carried out last year, rejecting the request for an increase in prices for taxi drivers. The same proposal was again rejected in March of this year. Taxi drivers are continuously facing rising prices in other areas of their business, from mechanics to insurance. This is unfortunately not matched by the income they receive, causing financial hardship throughout the industry. Steve Martin, 67, of Shoreham, has been a taxi driver for forty years; disheartened by the lack of support the council has provided the industry with. He has felt greatly neglected by the council, having witnessed no assistance for the past six years. Steve said: “A vote was called for a proposal to ask the council to work out how much we have lost since 2008, since the tariff hasn’t risen and then we can calculate how much the tariff should go up by. “We will base this number on their figures.” Steve added: “I was around before Adur was. I have seen a lot of change. Over the years we were steadily improving the position of taxi drivers but that’s not so any more. “The matter has reached crisis point. We are not asking for a wage increase, it is the question of increased costs. “At the time of the last increase agreed in 2007, petrol was 78p a litre and some drivers are now being asked to pay up to £3,500 a year for insurance. “The council licence fees are £88 per year for a taxi driving licence and nearly £400 a year for a taxi vehicle. “This year, due to my age, I have had to pay an annual fee of £150 for the medical just to drive the taxi. “We have all invested early in more fuel-efficient vehicles but the maintenance costs are higher due to our mileage. Everyone is aware of the difficulties of financing which is common to most small businesses.”

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