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Taxi Insurance Colchester

Taxi Insurance Colchester

Colchester is a historic town in the heart of Essex, serving as an attractive location to work as a taxi driver. Reportedly home to the creation of the infamous nursery rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty’, we at High Gear cannot help but think that Mr. Dumpty should have had insurance. Being sieged during the Civil War Colchester provides a window into the colourful history of England. With Humpty Dumpty serving as a humorous expression of wartime Colchester has a lot to offer the residents and visitors of the area. The Humpty Dumpty accident may be in the past but accidents in general are not unheard of. At High Gear we put great focus on the future safety of our customers, ensuring that if they knock a fictional egg off of a wall, they will be fully covered in the event of a claim. As well as accidents in which you are at fault it is also worth covering all grounds, safeguarding both yourself and your business. Luckily for the drivers of Colchester High Gear offers the best prices for Comprehensive cover, allowing you are your taxi to feel protected at all times. From courtesy cars to breakdown cover we are a firm that creates individual policies for each and every one of our customers. Our dedication to both public hire insurance and private hire insurance allows us to employ a well-informed knowledge of the insurance sector, having the know how to get you the cheapest prices available. If you are an independent driver looking for single taxi insurance or a firm owner looking for fleet insurance, why not contact High Gear to receive the best price possible.

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