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Taxi Fleet Insurance

Taxi Fleet Insurance

Taxi Fleet Insurance

Taxi Fleet Insurance

If you are a taxi rank owner then we understand the pressure you are under, having to maintain your fleet to ensure the success of your company on a constant basis.

With taxi driving being a 24 hour a day job the industry is in need of companies such as High Gear, offering to support the drivers and policy holders of the UK.

From mechanical upkeep and interior presentation to the most important business issue of all, taxi insurance. It is safe to say that running a taxi firm has its obstacles.

Insurance in general can be stressful so you can only imagine just how taxing it would be monitoring 10, 20 or even 30 policies simultaneously.

For this reason we at High Gear offer unbeatable offers on fleet insurance, allowing our taxi rank owners to manage all of their precious vehicles under one simple insurance agreement.

This does not only give way to a stress-free work environment but also influences a consistency in insurance, seeing that company owners know where they stand when it comes to protection, claiming and altering policy incorporations.

Fleet insurance is extremely advantageous when making additions to your fleet, not having to create a policy from scratch on the arrival of each new taxi. Devoid from long periods being put on hold and strenuous paperwork, allow us to put together an impressive fleet policy for you.

In addition to the great service we at High Gear provide it also makes economical sense to choose us as your insurers, putting forth substantial discounts for fleet policies.

We can assemble a monthly payment plan that best suits you and your financial situation, allowing you to manage your income and outgoings effectively.

If you would like some more information about fleet insurance then contact us today and receive a free quote.

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