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The Taxi Time Machine – What Will Taxis of the Future be Like?

The Taxi Time Machine – What Will Taxis of the Future be Like?

Modern technology is not a new introduction to the world of taxi travel, with Uber, Maaxi and Hailo influencing an online taxi booking culture across the globe. It is however the first time we have heard of taxi companies using social media history to dictate a new taxi experience. Yes, you heard right; taxis are going to be integrating technology into every aspect of the taxi experience, from allowing you to watch your favourite shows to knowing when you will require a taxi from your shared calendars. With such technology companies always on the look out to make the travel experience more enjoyable they claim that the progression of their technology will come hand in hand with futuristic travel. These new and improved apps will sync with social networks, calendars and other data to learn about their passengers, using this information to provide a bespoke ride to each and every customer. As well as providing travellers with unforgettable transport they could also pre-empt when you will need a taxi, linking to your schedule. This could rid of the taxi hailing practice indefinitely. These ideas were uncovered in Hailo’s Future of Cities report, unveiled at a London event. Here a long list of new features were divulged with Joe Blogs taken back by how many taxi doors new technology could open. ‘In the next few years, the apps we use will begin to understand what we are doing and become more contextual,’ explained the report. ‘For Hailo, the app will know when you are leaving a client meeting and send a taxi to meet you.’ The report claims that the technology people carry with them is giving more control over what they do; allowing taxi apps to adapt the city to their needs, rather than the other way around. This was written by leading futurologists, Mark Brill and Ian Pearson. ‘Apps are already familiar, but the internet of things will integrate them, letting people interact with their surroundings much better,' said Mr Pearson. So, what do you think? Would you feel uncomfortable with every move you make online being surveyed? Leave you comments below.

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