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The 5 biggest factors responsible for pushing up the cost of car insurance revealed

The 5 biggest factors responsible for pushing up the cost of car insurance revealed has compiled a list of the 5 biggest contributors to costly car insurance. If you want to keep the cost of your cover low, take a look at these helpful hints to avoid being placed in an insurer’s “risky” category. At the top of the list of tips on how to avoid being hit with high insurance rates is, don’t cause an accident. If you are to blame for an accident while behind the wheel, the cost of your insurance cover will increase. How much will depend on your insurer and their surcharge cost. Ask to see a surcharge schedule from your insurance company before signing on the dotted line, this way you’ll be aware of how much of an increase you will be likely to face should you cause an accident. Getting convicted of a Driving Under the Influence charge will also cause your insurance rate to sky rocket, or in the worst situation, you could have your policy cancelled or face problems trying to find an alternative company to insure you. Driving a modified car will also have an impact on the cost of your cover so before you add expensive parts to your ride, check with your insurer first. Also if you fail to inform your insurance company about any modifications you have made to your car, the cost of your vehicle will be what it was originally and won’t take into account the money you’re spent with you added extras. Buying a vehicle with a high claims history is a sure fire way to push up your car insurance rates. Certain vehicles are considered high risk by insurers so stay clear of these if you want to keep your cover low. Marrying a reckless driver will also count against you in the world of car insurance. Adding them onto your policy will see you insurance premium multiply overnight. To keep the cost of car cover low, keep these tips in mind when buying vehicle insurance.

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