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The Dundee Taxi Experience: Meet Jimmy the Cabby Entertainer

The Dundee Taxi Experience: Meet Jimmy the Cabby Entertainer

Stepping into a taxi is like stepping into an unknown world, unaware of what you can expect from the journey. But, what we always dread is that thread of questions that nobody in the taxi really cares for, the ‘what time are you on til?’ and ‘been busy?’ type questions. There truly is nothing worse than a stale taxi ride, with the journey seeming to be taking twice as long if you are bored out of your skull. What us Bits like is a bit of fun, especially when on our way out for the night. With many taxi drivers wiling to crank up the music and provide a great start to the night the ride into town can be just as memorable as the night itself. One taxi driver from Dundee is renowned for gearing his passengers up for the night ahead, entertaining them with the subtle tones of his beautiful voice. Jimmy is a local Dundee taxi driver, known for making journeys memorable. He is also set to be the next Youtube sensation after a customer filmed him singing on the job. It was recorded by June Pickett, who said: 'This man must make a lot of people happy. He has a beautiful disposition.' 'Good luck Jimmy and thank you!' Encouraging a fantastic response from other locals that had been serenaded by the cabby we are sure that the Youtube hits have been overwhelming. Nikki Fleming, another customer said: 'He's a great guy! I remember being in his taxi and he sang a Michael Buble song.' If you have not yet seen Jimmy in action then please do!

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