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How to Live a Healthy Life as a Taxi Driver

How to Live a Healthy Life as a Taxi Driver

Welcome to the revolution! It is time to rid of the taxi driver stereotype! Taxi drivers have always been pictured as middle-aged overweight men, an unattractive bunch that just do not look after themselves. We at High Gear sympathise with the unfairness of this association, knowing that many taxi drivers are fine figures of health and fitness. If you are struggling with your taxi-driving image then we have come up with some great tips to keep your look fresh. Maintain a healthy diet big-checker-pic Being sat down for the duration of your working day will inevitably make you feel sluggish. By eating heavy food on top of that it can lead to tiredness and drowsiness, not beneficial when you need to concentrate on the road. Here are a few diet tips that can help:

  • Drink plenty of water throughout your shift. This will keep you hydrated and more alert when driving.
  • taxi barDo not eat any junk food. This will do nothing for your David Hasselhoff target body.
  • Try to eat fruit or oatmeal in the morning and vegetables with grains for lunch and dinner.
  • Do not eat late at night. Eating too late means that your food will not have time to digest by the morning, not feeling as fresh and healthy as you could.
Exercise regularly If you are not the type for vigorous exercise then why not start off light and work towards you goal. Take a look at this not too taxing exercise regime that can be carried out in the comfort of your own taxi! If you prefer something a little more stimulating then take a look at this video: Dress to Impresstaxi stud Although not needing a full three-piece chauffeur suit with the accompanying headwear it is still worth making an effort. So, throw those carpet slippers aside and take care when making additions to your wardrobe. Not only will your new look encourage customers to choose your taxi over competitors' but will also provide you with a new found sense of confidence. If you take our advice you will be sure to play a part in the new taxi driver stereotype, the youthful and muscular man, sporting a tan that is not just from the arm of the T-shirt line down.

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