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The London Uber Protest is Well Underway!

The London Uber Protest is Well Underway!

Today is the day we have all been waiting for, protest day! London’s cab drivers are as we speak, holding a protest against the infamous opinion-splitting app, Uber. The cabbies of the city are illustrating a strong frustration towards the power given to the app, claiming there to be a lack of regulation when it comes to the way in which the company operates. Traditional taxi drivers are claiming that the app is breaking the law by acting as a meter, feeling that only black cabs should have the power to offer this service. Uber was first introduced in San Francisco and has spread its way through Europe, causing conflict throughout the whole process. With uproar caused in France, London are the latest city to organise a declaration of frustration, taking to the streets to spread their words of hatred. If you are in Trafalgar Square today you will see the 12,000 taxi drivers joined together in anger, wanting to illustrate just how strongly they appose the introduction of Uber to their city. Protesters can be heard chanting "Boris, Boris, Boris, out, out, out", while taxi drivers beep their horns in demonstration. Although many drivers feel this vent of passion to be healthy and effective it seems that they do not have the support of Transport for London. Garrett Emmerson, Transport for London’s chief operating officer, says today’s episode is pointless. ‘The demonstration has been organised by the taxi trade who believe some private hire vehicles are illegally using smart phones to calculate fares. TfL’s provisional view is that these devices do not constitute the equipping of a vehicle with a ‘taximeter’. However, given the level of concern among the trade, and the fact that some of the legislation in this area is unclear and able to be interpreted in various ways, TfL is inviting the high court to give a binding determination on this issue.’ With large parts of the city blocked with traffic it feels that the drivers of the UK have joined forces as a result of their dismay, feeling that they are lacking the relevant support from transport officials. With taxi driver tweeting ‘There's more chance of England winning the World Cup than there is of TFL sorting this out. #taxistrike’ there does seem to be a sense of humour in the air of London's streets. You would have thought that Uber would have been pretty quiet as 12,000 individuals hit the city to ridicule their name but their reaction has been quite the opposite. Today Uber have launched their first blog post, another branch to their technological repertoire. Is this coincidental timing or an illustration to the industry that Uber is showing no sign of stopping, heading for domination! If you have any thoughts on the taxi rivalry then leave your comments below.

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