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The occupations which trigger the highest car insurance premiums revealed

The occupations which trigger the highest car insurance premiums revealed

Following on from a survey by, the occupations which can cause the priciest car insurance quotes have been revealed, with mobile disco owner coming out on top. The study by the car insurance price comparison website looked at the professions which trigger the most expensive quotes, as well as the opposite end of the spectrum to the jobs which actually lead to cheaper annual car insurance premiums. The professions deemed as the most high risk and therefore worthy of high insurance costs were revealed as mobile disco owner, which came out as number one with the average annual policy costing £6,800. Car insurance providers see these types of motorists as risky as they are most likely to be on the road late at night following a gig, plus they often carry expensive sound equipment onboard which could make them a target for break-ins. Footballers and referees were both on the top ten list of the most expensive occupations to insure, along with night club owners and diplomatic staff. On the opposite end of the scale, airline pilots benefit from the least expensive car insurance quotes, with annual policies costing on average, £320. It is thought airline pilots get a good deal on their car insurance as they’re not on the road as much as the average driver. Joining the pilots on the list of professions enjoying lower rates of cover are china restorers, toy makers and travel guide writers.

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