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Tips on how young drivers can keep the cost of insurance low

Tips on how young drivers can keep the cost of insurance low

The cost of insurance is the biggest hurdle facing young drivers according to a study carried out by I-Kube who specialise in the provision of cover for new drivers. 90% of those questioned as part of the survey said that the cost of cover was the biggest barrier to getting on the road, the expense of buying a car was voted as the second biggest obstacle. With the cost of car insurance proving an issue for young drivers, here are some helpful hints to keep the cost of cover down. Shop around to find the best deal. Use price comparison sites, but also seek out companies which specialise in cover for young drivers. Finding a policy which is most suited to you personally will help to bring the cost down. Go with an insurer which recognises Pass Plus. By undertaking this driver training course, which is aimed at those who have recently passed their test, you could see your insurance premiums drop by up to 35% Buy a car which you can afford to insure. As your first car, it’s a wise decision to opt for a vehicle which is in the lowest possible insurance group in order to keep your cover low. Before you actually buy your first car, get a few insurance quotes so you can determine whether or not you can afford to insure it. Add another driver to you policy. By adding a more experienced driver to your car insurance policy such as a parent, you could see your premiums decrease. However you must remain as the main driver of the vehicle not the older driver. Falsely naming a parent or more experienced driver as the main driver on a policy is known as “fronting” and is against the law. Follow these tips in order to find the cheapest car insurance policy for your first car.

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