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Top 3 Taxi Apps

Top 3 Taxi Apps

Over the past few years the taxi industry has experienced a huge shift, having no option but to adopt digital technology. With the infamous war between local cabbies and Uber highlighting this dramatic change we at High Gear wanted to delve deeper into the subject of online taxi booking, gauging whether or not such businesses have added value to the industry or changed the taxi driving landscape for all the wrong reasons. Following much research we have arrived at the top 3 taxi apps based on popularity statistics.



There really was no point in writing this article without mentioning Uber, a company that has breathed new life into London taxi travel. Allowing Londoners to book and pay for taxis through the comfort of their own smartphone Uber focuses heavily on giving an experience, permitting people to reserve their taxi with ease. Uber has caused nothing but controversy since its launch in London last year, with local cabbies angry at losing the traditional ‘hailing’ customers as a result of Uber’s presence in the market place.


Hailo-bannerHailo is very similar to Uber, with its functions being criticised for being a carbon copy of what Uber exhibit. Although similar in ethos Hailo does deserve recognition in its own right, boasting various high-tech incorporations. Hailo also allows you to book, pay and track your vehicle, proving to be a helpful application amongst busy workers. Hats off to Hailo, they have achieved the same application with not even a percentage of the investment.


Kabbee works in a very separate manner to the above apps, providing itself as a platform to compare cab prices. Working more like an aggregator Kabbee gets quotes from various transport providers and relays the best options to the customer, giving smaller cab firms the ability to contend with Uber and Hailo. As you can see the main function of the taxi app is to remove the stress of finding an unoccupied taxi on the street. Although a great solution for commuters and busy people it does however remove the ability for independent cab drivers to pick up fairs, a very sad eventuality for many driving professionals.
Have you ever used a taxi booking app? If so share your opinion with us.

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