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Third Party Only Insurance

Third Party Only Car Insurance | TPO Insurance

Third Party Only Insurance (TPO Insurance)

Third Party Only Insurance (TPO)

Whatever car you drive you will need to be insured with UK law stating that all road vehicles must be insured unless SORN. The type of insurance you choose it completely up to you, however, you must ensure you have the right cover to suit you, your vehicle as well as your driving lifestyle.

It goes without saying that if you have a very expensive super car you will probably opt for Full Compressive cover but for cars with a small value it is not always worth it. Third Party Only cover can provide all you need when it comes to vehicle protection so it is definitely worth looking into.

Who benefits from Third Party cover?

Third Party Car Insurance has proven to be pretty popular amongst new drivers looking to insure their first car, trying to keep the costs as low as possible. With the price of driving lessons, tests and tax already leaving a hole in your pocket the last thing needed is expensive car insurance. Third Party is also a great option for provisional driving license holders, learning the ropes of driving on public roads.

What does Third Party consist of?

  • Physical damage to another vehicle
  • Injuries to a third party or your own passengers
  • Medical treatment cost and legal cost claims against you.

Is Third Party insurance cheap?

If your vehicle is only a few hundreds of pounds to replace then it really does not matter as much as if you wrote off a £40,000 vehicle. This is why Third Party insurance is popular for those with low value cars as well as those that only drive very occasionally.

Getting a quote for Third Party cover

At High Gear we have a team solely dedicated to Third Party policies, there at hand to talk you through everything you need to know about this insurance type. Although a non-advisory body we can help obtain the best rate for cover, working with our network of insurers to cater to your budget.

Get in touch today and speak with one of High Gear’s professional brokers.

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