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Truck Insurance

At High Gear we ensure no trade is left out of our competitive prices for coverage, understanding the necessity to reduce business rates to increase profit margins. From the exposition of High Gear’s launch into different types of insurance we showed a great passion for offering cheap Truck Insurance to the drivers of Britain.

Truckers are again one of those driver categories left at a disadvantage at the hands of many insurers, using the drivers heightened need for insurance as a gateway to offering high premiums. This unethical way of practicing is of no interest to High Gear who makes it their mission to offer honest and unbeatable rates for the best coverage there is.

At High Gear we are individuals, carving our own values from the experience we have witnessed in the insurance industry. Where many providers offer steep premiums we do not see this as an option, wanting to support truck drivers with low premiums for high value insurance policies.

Whether you are driving a lorry, truck, flatbed vehicle, box van, tanker or a tipper, be sure that High Gear can save you money on your insurance. We cater to all trades from haulage vehicles, construction lorries, scrap metal dealers and delivery vehicles to name but a few.

Putting together scheme rates for operator licence holders is just one of our talents, seeing fleets of trucks drive away with the best service they could have asked for.

Be sure that High Gear can sympathise with the problems that insurance renewals can present with the renew date creeping up on you out of nowhere. It is at these times of panic where High Gear shines, offering immediate coverage and instant documentation on agreement.

So, if you drive a 3.6-ton or a 60-ton vehicle, why not let High Gear save you a ton of cash on your insurance this year. If you are looking for cheap truck insurance to cut the cost of your outgoings then contact us today, our team are always happy to help.


Why get Lorry insurance?


At High Gear we work with a panel of insurance specialists, putting together impressive policies at attractive rates.

Although price is the only real element focused on during the set-up stages of insurance we at High Gear want to change the way in which this issue is addressed.

Identifying the glories that lorry insurance can offer is something that we are very passionate about. From key replacement and windscreen cover to the protection of no claims and breakdown assistance, our dedication to making the most of your money is very commendable.

With such a great collection of additions available drivers constantly have to cut down on insurance standards to ensure their rates fit into the budget in mind, being left out of such helpful extras.

Compromise is not a word that High Gear feels should be used when discussing insurance. Coverage is to be celebrated not dreaded; and with lower rates this is to be made possible. With High Gear we feel high standards are a must when it comes to coverage, feeling low serving policies to be pretty pointless.

In the regretful occurrence of an at-fault claim many low standard policies do not offer the appropriate protection to support customers, seeing drivers in a predicament when it comes mobility as well as finance. What we feel necessary is to work with our customers to understand what safeguarding measures they need to help them in the case of claim, seeing all basis covered.

By cutting down on the price of premium averages it has influenced an influx of lorry drivers requiring our assistance. seeing High Gear as the first choice for cheap lorry insurance.

Lorry drivers are within a trade that have for years been let down by insurance companies, being offered high prices for coverage. For lorry drivers their vehicle is their occupation with the necessity for protection being greatly heightened.

If you are a lorry driver looking for cheap lorry insurance then contact High Gear today, you will not be disappointed.


HGV Insurance


In the eyes of many insurance companies HGV drivers are synonymous with risk, attached to a stigma that they are always involved in accidents on the motorway. This could not be further from fact.

When setting up policies with High Gear you will immediately experience the industry knowledge that we posses, knowing your working environment inside out. Due to this extensive knowledge we know what you are looking for, making the process of setting up cheap HGV insurance policies easier than ever before.

As a result of the sheer size of HGV lorries the insurance premiums can reveal very high rates. One of the largest factors in the arrival of price is the fact that insurers do not have the confidence that drivers can manoeuvre the vehicles in the correct way to ensure road safety, bringing a huge risk element into the process of policy construction.

At High gear we like to work in a way that places faith in all drivers, not inflicting high overheads on HGV drivers because of an unsupported reputation.

We know that your HGV lorry is your livelihood and without insurance you are without an income. Protecting you and your vehicle is also our priority, working with our customers to put together tailor-made policies for each and every driver we work with.

Whether you are an owner-operator or have a sizeable fleet, finding affordable HGV insurance with a high level of cover can be time consuming and tedious.

So why choose High Gear? Are they any different?

When choosing High Gear as your HGV insurers we promise to support you with the best coverage that there possibly is.  We work with the greatest underwriters in the industry, ensuring you and your vehicle receive a list of competitive priced quotes yet rich in services.

If you are a HGV driver and are looking for comprehensive cover then contact High Gear today, you will be pleasantly surprised.


Recovery Truck Insurance


Welcome to High Gear, the motor trade insurance specialists catering specifically to the recovery drivers of the UK.

Vehicle breakdown is one of the most stressful occurrences that can happen as a driver with the figure of the recovery driver being a greatly sought after one.

In the event of a breakdown or accident we rely on our insurance company to help us pick up the pieces of regretful occasions. Through their assistance in claiming from other insures and offering general advice on the future steps to take insurance companies like High Gear are imperative for customers looking for coverage that is helpful.

With such a strong focus on the hatchback driver who has the support of the recovery truck driver and his vehicle insurance?

At High Gear we have set up a separate division of our company, solely dedicated to putting together competitive rates for recovery truck insurance. Whether you operate with a small recovery van or a recovery lorry, we cater to a whole range of recovery truck specifications.

Being a prolific figure in the motoring industry this trade deserves an insurance company out there fighting its corner, offering higher liability limits and a collection of impressive incentives. From cheap introductory rates to flexible monthly payments at High Gear we really work with the customer to arrive at the best deal for both parties.

We offer a national service to recovery drivers working in every corner of the country, demonstrating our commitment to reviving the financial state of this sector.

Whether you require roadside assistance or the protection of your no claims High Gear can help.

Contact us today and make the first move in receiving cheap Recovery Truck Insurance.

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No trade is left out of our prices for coverage, understanding the necessity to reduce business rates to increase profit.