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Uber Promises 50,000 Jobs as part of European Growth Plans

Uber Promises 50,000 Jobs as part of European Growth Plans

UBWe have all made new years resolutions; whether it be to cut out carbs, give up fizzy drinks or to spend more time with the family, the new year it very successful in defining our priorities. For online booking app Uber their promises are not quite as understated, promising to introduce 50,000 jobs in Europe during 2015. This comes as part of a ‘new partnership’ being formed with European cities, with the company wanting to clear up the dirty name they have formed. Uber have faced much criticism over the past year, with taxi drivers in particular frustrated with what they believe to be a lack of cooperation with private car regulations. Uber's worrying reputation  Uber faced court injunctions in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain, and has faced protests from taxi firms in major cities, including London. The company now promises that it is working in coalition with the government to ensure public safety precautions are taken. According to the company’s chief executive the company is developing new technology will carry out background checks on drivers and ‘improve communication with local officials and law enforcement’. This may come as a great comfort to many with the news of an Uber driver raping a woman in India leaving a bitter taste in the mouth of their potential customers. But, are all these measures going to work in the mission to build trust? Mr Kalanick told the DLD conference for the media and tech industry: "Uber is committed to establishing new partnerships with Europe's cities to ensure innovation, harness powerful economic benefits and promote core city functions." It seems that the technology giants are doing all they can to encourage us to trust them. What are your thoughts on Uber’s way of practicing?

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