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Van Insurance

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Van Insurance

To all the van owners out there, we would like to welcome you to High Gear Insurance, the UK’s first choice for van cover. For many van owners we realise that your vehicle is a huge part of your life/business with success solely dictated by your vehicle’s efficiency. What we do at High Gear is protect you and your livelihood in the event of circumstances that can be detrimental to the smooth running of both your van and business.

By minimising the potential backlash that a theft or accident can place on you, we hold the ability to save you a considerable amount of money. With decades of Van Insurance knowledge behind us we can talk you through our extensive range of options, setting up a policy that best reflects your needs.

So whether you are a young driver trying to insure your first van, an experienced driver with plenty of no claims or a convicted driver, it’s highly likely we can find the right Van Insurance policy for you.

Does Van insurance cost more than Car insurance?

When shopping for Van Insurance you will quickly discover that in general cover is more costly than for a standard car. This is usually due to the fact that vans are used mainly for commercial purposes, carrying out more miles than your traditional family hatchback.

As well as spending more time on the road vans are a higher theft risk, often storing expensive materials, equipment and tools in the back. By being extremely clear about how you use your van you will be sure to receive an accurate quote that reflects your needs.

Van Insurance with motoring convictions

If you have criminal or driving convictions then you will be well aware of the troubles involved with finding cheap insurance, feeling competitive premiums to be non-existent. At High Gear we employ an ethos to help all drivers, no matter what their past. With spent driving convictions being a thing of the past our team like to focus on our customer’s driving future, devising policies that are both cheap and rich in supportive features.

Do you offer Van Insurance to young drivers?

Where many insurers are scared to offer competitive rates to new drivers we at High Gear are not, going above and beyond to help all of our customers receive a satisfactory deal. With new drivers not boasting years of experience many insurers feel they are a great accident threat, having to write such eventualities into their policies.

We work in a very separate manner to this, having faith in our customers and their driving ability. This is why the High Gear team are new driver’s first choice for Van Insurance.

Picking the right van

With there being over fifty different insurance brackets it is essential that you think carefully before purchasing your van, ensuring you are not hit with a surprisingly expensive insurance premium. With engine size, age, fuel type and modifications all playing a role in the price of insurance it is vital that choose a van that does not demand expensive overheads, especially if for commercial purposes.

Choosing the correct policy

The way in which you use your van will have a bearing on the type of policy you require, with the more accurate the policy the better the cover. At High Gear we are the UK’s favoured choice for the following insurance types:

  • Standard Van Insurance
  • Courier insurance
  • Pick-up truck insurance
  • Delivery Van Insurance

Do I have to pay in full?

Another benefit of choosing High Gear for Van Insurance is that we offer monthly payment schemes, helping van drivers manage their finances. Where many people cannot afford to outlay the whole premium at once we work in their favour, helping drivers experience expert policies that do not break the bank.

Our brand promise

At High Gear we are renowned for our dedication to the individual, understanding that each policy drawn up will differ from the next. Offering bespoke policies to each and every one of our customer’s means we put effort into all quotes, not simply generating figures based on our assumptions.

Get a quote

If you would like to receive a quotation to cover your van then allow us to help. Give us a call today and talk with our highly trained sales team who can help you with any enquiry you may have. Alternatively, make use of our online quote system and gain an idea of prices in just a matter of minutes.

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Van owners out there, we would like to welcome you to HIGHGEAR Insurance, the UK’s first choice for van cover.


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