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Veteran Unable to Use His Car to Sell Poppies As Insurer ‘Prices Him Off the Road’

Veteran Unable to Use His Car to Sell Poppies As Insurer ‘Prices Him Off the Road’

It is no secret that age has a huge bearing on the rates quoted for car insurance, with young drivers infamously being stung with shocking prices for cover. However, of late we have seen and heard more stories involving the older drivers of the country, with the elderly being over-quoted on a constant basis. One gentleman, 98, has this week been priced off the road, seeing his renewal rate rocket from £300 to £20,000. The widower said: "I got my first car in March 1946 and have been driving ever since. Before I was 65 I was paying between £200 to £300. Using his car every year to sell poppies this story has a rather sad undertone, with the country seemingly not giving such heroes the respect and support they need. Ron_JOnes_from_New_3489871b Priced off the road "It seems the quote is based purely on my age as I am physically and mentally capable of driving says the veteran, Ron Jones. "I never expected to have a quote of £20,000 so I will have to give my driving up." Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 14.55.40 An insurance error? A spokesman said: "That is an absolutely astonishing leap in Mr Jones' premiums and he claims he is effectively being priced off the road because of his age." A spokeswoman for insurance company Ageas yesterday withdrew the quote - and said it should never have been issued to Mr. Jones in the first place as he no longer met their "eligibility criteria." "Mr. Jones should not have received a renewal invitation from us for his car insurance policy this year. This was issued in error and we are currently investigating the reasons behind this," he said. Whatever age you are, at High Gear we will go to great lengths to ensure you receive a car insurance quotation that clearly reflects your ability, not pigeonholing anyone in any way, shape or form. To learn more contact us today and speak with a member of the sales team.

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