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What are your options for wedding insurance?

What are your options for wedding insurance?

Like most couples organising their big day, wedding insurance is a long way down their “to do” list after finding the perfect venue, arranging your seating plan, and choosing your bridesmaids. However if anything goes awry in the run-up to, or even on your wedding day, you won’t be left out of pocket if you have appropriate cover in place. Wedding insurance policies can be purchased for as little as £20, although this will offer only a basic level of protection, but it is likely to cover up to the value of £5,000, which is well suited to those couples planning a small intimate occasion. If you’re planning a bigger wedding then a higher level of cover is needed. A £100 wedding insurance policy will on average provide you with up to £70,000 worth of cover if anything goes wrong ahead of, or on your big day. Wedding insurance can cover a wide range of issues, but most commonly policies with offer insurance which covers loss or damage of key items such as your wedding dress, rings, and cake, and can even protect you finically is your church floods or your wedding venue is damaged. A common problem, especially during these times of economic uncertainty, is suppliers going out of business. This could affect anything from the boutique where you bought your wedding outfits, to caterers for your reception, so it’s definitely worth getting insurance to cover failure of supplier. It’s advisable to discuss your wedding insurance requirements with an adviser before signing on the dotted line as most insurers will have staff who specialise in this kind of cover so you can ensure you get the appropriate level of insurance for your big day.

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