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Women more likely to bend the truth when taking out car insurance

Women more likely to bend the truth when taking out car insurance

Female drivers are more likely to bend the truth when applying for car insurance, according to recent research carried out by eCar. The eInsurance Group which serves 280,000 insurance applications every month carried out research into the habits of both sexes when it comes to divulging information which could have an effect on their insurance policy. The insurance provider say they have noted an upturn in the number of female drivers avoiding the truth when taking out policies. In May of this year, the provider revealed that 20% of their policies underwent fraud investigations. Out of those policies which were subsequently declined, 51% were made by women, while 49% were made by men. The top untruths uncovered by the investigations included not fully disclosing convictions, of which 47% of women were guilty compared to 64% of male drivers. Giving misleading information regarding licence length was highlighted as a reason for revoking 68% of insurance policies for women drivers, and 32% of male drivers. 53% of female policy holders and 47% of male policy holders were caught out as a result of incorrectly stating the length of their no claims bonus. Car insurance fraud has added 38% to the cost of all annual insurance policies over the last year, forcing 1.3 million drivers off the road as they can no longer afford the cost of their premiums. The results have spurred eInsurance to start a new campaign, Truth or Dare, to encourage drivers to take a more truthful approach to their car insurance.

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