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Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Young Drivers Car Insurance

Young Driver Car Insurance

Young Driver Car Insurance

We’re well aware that car insurance for young drivers can be very expensive but we have many years of experience insuring young drivers on cars that they want to drive. As the internets leading insurer of young drivers, we’re able to negotiate special schemes for all kinds of cars, so whether you want to drive a escort or an EVO we’re sure we can get you a great deal on your car insurance.

We pride ourselves not only on delivering the cheapest car insurance for young drivers, but also some of the best services in the industry. We have won awards two years running and intend to excel in delivering a service second to none. We are industry specialists in young driver motor insurance and regularly advertise in Max Power, Fast Ford, Total Vauxhall etc, we know what we’re talking about. Why not get an online quote today to see how much you could save?

Car Insurance for Young Drivers

At High Gear we specialise in young driver insurance policies, compiling agreements that do not break the bank. Young drivers are often stung by huge premiums, having to really prove themselves to the insurance industry. At High Gear we offer fantastic cover plans for new drivers, helping them on their journey to cheap Car Insurance.

Why is Young Drivers Car Insurance more expensive?

Young and new drivers are charged more for Car Insurance due to the fact that they have no insurance history, not yet having proven their driving style. Although you may be the most courteous driver on the road if you have only just been issued your license there is no proof to reward you with cheap motor insurance.

Will I earn No Claims Bonus as a named driver?

Being a named driver boasts plenty of benefits, often being a much cheaper option for younger drivers eager to get out on the road. However, you cannot earn any no claims this way, not gaining a driving history of your own. The sooner you get your own policy, the better, allowing you to reap the benefits of no claims bonuses in years to come.

What types of cover can a Young Driver have?

At High Gear we present many options to young drivers, ensuring we can create a policy that best suits them and their pockets. Whether you need Fully Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire and Theft or Third Party Only cover, we at High Gear can create a quote in a matter of minutes.

Do you insure drivers with motoring & non-motoring convictions?

We have many schemes for convicted drivers, supporting them with insurance policies that best support their needs. Too often do we hear of motorists that feel their insurance will go through the roof if they disclose their whole driving history but in reality having a void policy is a lot more of a risk. Be honest with your insurer, allowing them to help with the most competitive quote they can obtain.


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