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0 years no claims bonus insurance

Car Insurance Without any (NCB Discount) No Claims Bonus

Car Insurance Without any (NCB Discount) No Claims Bonus

0 years no claims bonus insurance

At High Gear we are currently offering extremely competitive rates to drivers with zero no claims bonus, working with an expert panel to deliver an unparalleled service.

Understanding that having zero no claims bonus doesn’t necessarily make you a higher risk than a driver with several years no claims bonus, we work separate to competitors, looking at the bigger picture when calculating premiums.

There are many reasons why a driver would have zero no claims bonus and it is very rarely due to an accident. While many insurers hike up rates we sympathise with the fact that some drivers could have been insured on a company car or named on another policy; two occurrences that we see every day.

A spike in first insurance policies

One prominent reason for a spike in first insurance policies is the amount of families requiring a second car being on the rise. Until now a large proportion of drivers have been named drivers on their spouse’s insurance policies, however; the demands of modern family life means they now need a second car more than ever.

As a result older drivers without no claims bonuses are shopping for their first insurance policy, facing many obstacles when searching the market for quotations.

Our no claims bonus schemes

At High Gear our experienced sales team will consider all customers on an individual basis, with many schemes available to new customers. Offering an introductory discount to experienced drivers with zero no claims bonus we have fast become the nation’s go-to company, helping frustrated drivers obtain rates they are happy with.

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If you have zero no claims bonus, regardless of your circumstances, have faith that High Gear Insurance can help.

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