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Beat the rising cost of car insurance with our helpful tips

Beat the rising cost of car insurance with our helpful tips

With recent statistics from the AA estimating that car insurance premiums have risen by 15% in the last year, pushing the average cost of a comprehensive car insurance policy up by £128.71 a year to £971.40 for an annual policy, here are our top tips to help you get the very best quote for car insurance to help beat the rising cost of cover. At the top of the list for tips for cheaper car insurance is, shopping around. Comparing quotes from a range of providers, as opposed to just letting your current policy renew automatically, is the first piece of advice an insurance expert will give you. Head to an insurance price comparison website to compare a range of quotes in one go. If you know your premium is coming up for renewal, try to save up so you can pay it off in one lump sum as paying off your premium month by month through a direct debit can add approximately 11% to the overall cost of your cover compared to paying outright at the start. Increasing your voluntary excess is another way to help lower your insurance quote, however don’t be tempted to set your excess at too high a rate as if you are involved in an accident, this is the amount you will have to pay before your insurance covers the cost. If you’re a young driver, consider adding an older driver to your policy as a named driver if they also use your car, or look into taking out a telematics insurance policy. These policies work by placing a box in the car which records data that is then used to calculate the cost of the driver’s policy. If you’re a careful driver and you don’t use your car at peak hours and rack up high mileage, you could benefit from lower premiums with these types of policies. Follow our top tips to find the very best rates on annual car insurance.

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