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Brits risking travel without insurance, research reveals

Brits risking travel without insurance, research reveals

Up to 19% of Brits are risking travel without appropriate cover, new research from the insurer Hiscox has revealed. The results of the recent survey are especially worrying as the coming months are the most popular time for overseas travel as Brits jet off on their annual summer holidays. According to the results of the Hiscox survey, 19% of respondents admitted they didn’t bother to take out travel insurance, or they wrongly assume they are already covered by a health card, while a portion of the 19% revealed they simply hadn’t considered their travel cover. Out of those who had taken out a travel insurance policy, 1 in 10 are unsure, or do not check what is, and what isn’t covered as part of their policy including if their valuables are covered. 18% of those who took part in the poll said they assumed that their travel agent or airline would offer compensation in the event of a flight cancellation, while 21% believed that a travel industry body would automatically cover them in this situation. Worryingly, 10% of respondents were unsure as to whether their policy would cover them if they suffered a medical emergency while abroad, something which could prove extremely costly and stressful if they were to be hospitalised while on holiday with no insurance to cover their treatment. Insurance experts say the complacency amongst some groups of British travellers is worrying and they are advising that everyone who’s planning a trip outside of the UK over the coming months, double check what is covered as part of their policy to avoid any confusion should they need to make a claim.

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