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Chauffeur Insurance - Beginners Guide

Chauffeur Insurance - Beginners Guide for Chaufeur Car Insurance


If you have just joined the chauffeur driving profession then you may be overwhelmed by just how many things there are to consider, with becoming a professional driver coming with an array of duties. Where choosing the right car and advertising your services may seem like a priority it is imperative that you get the right insurance first, with your chauffeur car policy being the make or break of your business.

Do I need Chauffeur Insurance or just regular Car Insurance?

If you are operating a vehicle for pre-booked transport then you will require chauffeur insurance, a specialist service that protects you against the direct risks of the profession. If you operate a chauffeur car without the right level of cover you will be fined and provided with a driving conviction against your name.

How much will Chauffeur Car Insurance be?

Generating quotes based on facts we do not generalise when quoting for cover, placing focus on you as a driver, the vehicle you have selected as well as the area you are operating in. However, the more security measures you take the less of a risk you will look to our panel of insurers, thus the lower the rate you will be presented with.

How can I further protect myself?

At High Gear we are renowned for our competitive rates for policy add-ons, allowing customers to richen their policy without breaking the bank. Our list of optional extras include the following:

  • No claims protection
  • Courtesy chauffeur car
  • Key cover Breakdown over
  • Public liability insurance
  • Personal injury cover
  • And much more

How do I pay?

Understanding that starting out as a chauffeur can be expensive we ensure insuring your car is not a huge outlay, offering a range of payment options. Whether you want to settle your balance for the year in one or would prefer to set up a monthly payment scheme, at High Gear we make sure paying for insurance is an easy process, devoid of fuss.

To learn more about chauffeur insurance for beginners call us today and speak with a private hire cover specialist.

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