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Welcome to High Gear Insurance, the best option for private hire insurance & taxi insurance. High Gear plays a vital role in the motoring industry, catering specifically to taxi and private hire car insurance cover. As the number of these types of vehicles increase, so does the need for an expert insurance company that provides personalised cover, ensuring all legalities are in place.

According to government statistics, at the end of March 2013 there were an estimated 78,000 taxis and 153,000 private hire vehicles in England and Wales alone, this is a grand total of 231,000 vehicles of this nature on the road. An estimated 58% of licensed taxis are wheelchair accessible, with London boasting 100% accessibility, with such a variation of taxis and hire vehicles each cover is different, concerned solely with the individual and their vehicle.

Our dedication to personalisation is greatly admirable, learning about our customers and discussing what their policy requirements entail. With expansion still in process the industry requires a firm that caters such a prosperous transport arena. It is safe to say that High Gear holds the industry experience and innovation to assist this ever-growing market. Our decades of transport knowledge gives way to great success, offering a bespoke service that people are in need of.

At High Gear Insurance our mission is to keep our roads safe, going out of our way to arrange top quality policies at low prices. Chauffeuring passengers comes with a sense of reasonability, a duty to ensure safety standards are both met and exceeded. We understand that accidents are a rarity but nonetheless they do happen. When these unfortunate occurrences do come about we want to guarantee all legal obligations are covered, leaving no financial burdens or implications for our customers.

We know searching for cover can be frustrating so we take the stress away from you by providing an efficient service at unbeatable prices. Let us do all the legwork for you to see you and your vehicle with an insurance policy that best suits you and your business. So whether you need to insure your fleet of taxis or require van insurance or even want to find the perfect policy for truck insurance, then High Gear Insurance is the right choice for you.

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We can help guide you through the often confusing world of car insurance and find the policy that’s right for you.


Being a Taxi driver is a fantastic occupation, although it’s one that comes with its own challenges and hazards too.


Van owners out there, we would like to welcome you to HIGHGEAR Insurance, the UK’s first choice for van cover.


A chauffeur is an important and rewarding job where you get to meet interesting people AND drive some fantastic cars.


Transport is a vital part of wedding day nuptials and can serve so much more than simply the opportunity to travel.


No trade is left out of our prices for coverage, understanding the necessity to reduce business rates to increase profit.