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Comprehensive Insurance (Fully Comp)

Many view Fully Comprehensive car insurance as the most expensive insurance type, often choosing Third Party Only or Third Party, Fire and Theft policies as a result. The price of premiums are based on a number of factors, mainly the type of car you are looking to cover, your driving history as well as the number of no claims you employ. Fully Comprehensive insurance can be a surprising cost effective type of coverage, with many High Gear customers reaping the benefits of such policies each and every day.

Is Fully Comp’ the most expensive insurance type?

Fully comprehensive is the highest level of cover obtainable, boasting a whole string of benefits to the car owner. For the all-encompassing nature of a Fully Comprehensive policy in most cases it is more expensive, however it all depends on the credentials of the driver.

High-risk drivers tend to opt for Third Party policies in order to keep costs low, with the industry having to write such risks into third party policies. Over the years this has inevitably had an effect on the standard Third Party policy prices, seeing the average rate rise.

This is why it can be cheaper to have a higher standard policy and go Fully Comprehensive on occasions.

The benefits of Fully Comprehensive

If you select a Fully Comprehensive insurance policy you are covered for damages that you are at fault for as well as ones you are not, protecting you and the future of your vehicle to the highest possible standard. This includes thefts, damages as well as payouts for vehicle write-offs, making sure an accident is not a huge issue that is detrimental to your driving life.

Are there ways to save money on Car Insurance?

At High Gear we try our best to keep premiums low for drivers with an insurance budget, working with our network of insurers to arrive at the perfect cover plan.

Ways to save money on Car Insurance:

  • Keep your vehicle locked away and off the road at night.
  • Make safety precautions such as alarms and central locking systems.
  • Have a telematics box fitted in your vehicle.
  • Keep building on your no claims.

If you would like to receive a free no-obligation quote for Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance then contact us today and speak with a member of the High Gear team.

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