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Car Insurance With a CD10

Car Insurance With a CD10

When you are issued with your driving license your driving test assessor has been convinced you are a courteous and alert driver, driving inline with the highway code and making sure the road is a safe place to be. Although they do say that you only learn how to drive when out there on your own it is crucial that your levels of awareness are maintained, not posing as a risk to fellow motorists. Driving without due care and attention could result in being issued with a CD10, the penalty given to those who have displayed carelessness whilst in control of a vehicle. It is your responsibility as a license holder o keep your eyes and ears open whilst traveling, looking out for hazards, and keeping to speed limits, generally being switched on. The moment that that attention slips is the moment that the road becomes an unsafe environment, resulting in collisions. Where this may not have been the aim of the driver’s it is nonetheless the eventuality of those driving without care and attention, causing the police to get involved and punish them with a CD10. This is a way of the authorities instilling the necessity of safe driving in you, reigniting your focus whilst on the road. Although successful in conveying a message it can also influence higher insurance premiums with insurers looking at you as a bigger risk than before. At High Gear we specialise in compiling policies for drivers with CD10’s, putting together bespoke policies that support convicted drivers in their journey back to owning a clean license. If you wish to receive a free quote for cover then get it touch today and allow us to help. [convictions]

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