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Car Insurance With a MS80

Car Insurance With a MS80

Refusing to submit to an eyesight test can have major repercussions, with the standard of your eyesight being very important to the level of risk you pose whilst in control of a vehicle. As a driver you have to meet certain criteria, ensuring you are fit enough to be in charge of a vehicle. If it is proven that you cannot handle and react in a safe manner then this could result in your license being revoked, with authorities feeling the road would be a safer place without you. If your eyesight is not to the required standard then the authorities need to know, ensuring they are doing their bit to protect road users. If you refuse to cooperate and do not submit an eye test when requested you could be issued with a MS80, resulting on three points on your record. This can have a bearing on the type of insurance you are in reach of with many companies not wanting to get involved with such high risk cases. At High Gear we do our best to help all convicted drivers, no matter what type of record then exhibit. From motorists with an MS80 to drivers with a DR10, we can help convicted drivers with unbeatable insurance premiums. If you have a MS80 on your license then allow us to put a quote together, showing you just how much money you can save by choosing High Gear as your insurance supplier. Contact us today and speak with a member of the High Gear team. [convictions]

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