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Car Insurance With a UT20

Car Insurance With a UT20

Stealing or attempting to steal a vehicle can have dyer consequences, seeing the individual in question hit with a UT20 penalty, an issuance that states to the world the type of driving crimes said driver has been involved in. Where many feel that you can leave the past in the past this is not always so when it comes to convicted driver car insurance, with many insurers wanting to know the ins and outs of your past, determining what level of a risk you are as a driver. If you have a UT20 then you may be facing difficulty locating an insurance policy that sits within budget, finding the quotes you have been provided with to be far too expensive. At High Gear we operate in a very separate manner to your average insurer, doing all the legwork for our customers. Where searching the market for quotes is very tedious and time consuming High Gear takes this duty from the customer’s hands, finding the best policies that reflect the driver’s needs. Our team of seasoned professionals have extensive experience working to help convicted drivers, boasting a speciality when it comes to UT20 cover. Whether you have a UT20, a UT30 or even a DR10, get in touch today and receive a free quote for cover. [convictions]

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