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Crazy Rolls Royce Ghost Taxi used as a rally car!

Crazy Rolls Royce Ghost Taxi used as a rally car!

At High Gear we are always keen to see innovative projects in the transport industry, especially when they involve taxis! This week we were understanbly excited to come across an image of a Rolls Royce taxi, a creation that puts the conventional Skoda Octavia cabs to shame. As a tribute to Sega's classic arcade racer Crazy Taxi, the car is on sale at Platinum Motor Cars, a premium used car dealer renowned for their exotic stock. Adding this to their forever-growing collection the firm have no doubt experienced a lot of interest, with the vinyl-wrapped Rolls Royce Ghost being a real head-turner. In the Sega game that the vehicle pays homage to the mission is to race through the city to deliver taxi passengers on-time, with the Rolls Royce adding a bit of luxury to the traditional-looking cab. While we cannot expect to see this cab plummeting through the streets we are more than confident that someone will pick this up as a unusual collector's piece.

The unconventional rally car

While the British car brand is renowned for creating luxurious cars for the quieter if roads the owner of Platinum Motor Cars explains that the Crazy Taxi is used for cross-country rally events, purchasing this as they needed a car for the Motor City Rally. In an interview with AutoBlog the owner talks through the tight deadline they had to get the car wrapped before the rally, requiring a 3 day turnaround that they managed to secure. With a track record for using unusual cars on tracks it seems the Ghost is just the latest of their innovations. 'This car continues their trend of using fun cars for their rallies. The owner told us about the various themes they've had for past vehicles such as a Love Bug-themed Audi RS7, and a "Family Truckster" Mercedes-Benz E63 wagon. The latter of which got the complete olive green and faux wood colour scheme to match the movie car.' Let us know what you think? Is the Rolls Royce Ghost taxi a genius invention or a ridiculous gimmick? Leave your comments with us.

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