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Fitted Car Cameras Set to Improve Insurance Industry as a Whole

Fitted Car Cameras Set to Improve Insurance Industry as a Whole

Although not the most attractive pieces of equipment it seems the car camera is only increasing in popularity. Where traditionally claims and accident information is relayed by the policyholders to their insurance firms, companies can now get an unbiased and definitive record of such events. With many claiming the government to be lazy in addressing issues of fraudulent claims and uninsured drivers, the presence of the car camera could evolve into a non-negotiable policy incorporation. According to the Road Haulage Association (RHA) over 54% of their members are already reaping the benefits of having a fitted camera in their vehicle with a further 35% endeavouring to follow. Jack Semple, director of policy for the RHA, said: “The recordings can show what happened in an accident and can put an end, quickly and simply, to potentially crippling insurance claims. In addition, many firms with cameras say they are useful tools for managing employees’ driving style.” This could really cut the number of claims disputed throughout the industry saving both money and time across the board. One of the main groups that will benefit from having a black box fitted is the taxi drivers of the country. With cab policies infamous for being high could this finally be the breakthrough that drivers need to show that they are not so high of a risk? Alex Drummond, Director of Insure Your Taxi, has nothing but positive words when discussing this new insurance feature. ‘We work with many providers that insist on fitting a black box into taxis. Where at first many drivers were sceptical of being monitored they are now overjoyed on the opportunity they are given to prove they are good drivers. This equipment has been invaluable in settling disputes over accident liability and we suggest all taxi drivers to consider having one fitted’ SmartWitness, the company that supplies the cameras, says it can report 84 per cent of claims and back them up with evidence within 24 hours. This quick turn around time allows for claims to be processed quicker than ever, allowing the industry as a whole to work more efficiently.

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