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Guilford taxi drivers criticise Uber for using the railway taxi rank

Guilford taxi drivers criticise Uber for using the railway taxi rank

While Uber is seen to be a bit of a dirty word amongst the traditional cabbies of the UK they do seem to get themselves in trouble, with each day bringing a new Uber-related drama to the table. This week the cabbies of Guilford are having their say, believing Uber drivers are using the taxi rank at railway station; something that traditional cabbies are not too impressed by. At present Uber drivers are not  licenced to pick up passengers in the borough, upsetting taxi drivers who are finding it difficult to contend with the business as it is. Claiming that their ability to provide for their families is being affecting the authorities have had no choice but to get involved. Mark Rostron, Guildford Hackney Association secretary, believes that Uber drivers have been picking up pre-booked passengers in the town. He said: “Some of them [taxi drivers] are very upset about it because they are seeing Uber drivers ranking up at the pick up bay at the train station. It is taking money straight out of drivers pockets and obviously they are upset about that. “The drivers are family people, they have got families, often with young children. They have got people they are supporting through university. Taxi drivers do not earn a lot of money at the best of times and we have got this to deal with. “This also comes at a time when Guildford Borough Council (GBC) is threatening to reduce our fares by 16%, so it is a terrible squeeze on taxi drivers.” If you are a Uber driver, taxi driver from Guildford or simply have an opinion on this feud, be sure to leave your comments on this subject below.

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