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High Gear Insurance Invest 6 Figure Sum in Infamous Website

High Gear Insurance Invest 6 Figure Sum in Infamous Website

Every since their introduction to the market we knew High Gear were going to make some bold moves, with the directors boasting 50 years of collective experience. With the launch of their all singing, all dancing website it was obvious that they had invested a lot in online marketing, being a visually perfect site that ranked very highly on Google for all keyword searches. Although we at Lady Motor do not know a lot about SEO (search engine optimisation) what we do know is that is a website you cannot get away from when looking for any insurance service online, especially taxi insurance. In a previous release from the company Alex Drummond, company director, said ‘we have geared our website up to attract taxi drivers, ensuring all UK cabbies know about the great service we provide’. Although taxi insurance is their niche they have recently added a wide range of additional services to their portfolio, including:

  • Supercar insurance
  • Wedding car insurance
  • Limousines insurance
With the news of them spending a six figure some on online activity we can see how this will probably not have gone far, with their new pricing system bound to have swallowed up a large proportion of that sum. Alex Wigmore, head of IT at the firm claimed that the quote page took months of development and has been created in a fashion to attract the modern user. ‘The quote page permits users to input their details with ease, offering a step by step process that generates a quotation in just a few seconds. We are very pleased with the way it both looks and functions and have had nothing but great responses and reviews.’ Let us know what you think, have spent their money well?

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