You're on your way to saving money! reach the top of Google with the help of SEO agency mobo reach the top of Google with the help of SEO agency mobo

High Gear are happy to announce that they are now at the top of Google, ranking on page 1 for taxi insurance’. With having an online presence being imperative when operating a modern business the company knew that they had to work hard to stand out amongst their many competitors. With many companies with large budgets paying their way to the top they claimed to have done their research, finding out how they could climb the Google ranks and stay there. Having been in business for over a year they quickly defined their niche as a business, being the best option for taxi insurance policies in the UK. Having such a great product to sell High Gear needed to make sure that taxi drivers would stumble across their website when looking for insurance online. Luckily they found mobo, a web agency based in the South wales area. Specialising in online marketing and SEO (search engine optimisation) they employed all the tools to see their online marketing strategy lived out. A happy workforce Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 10.56.06Alex Drummond, a director of High Gear said: ‘It was important for us to get as high up on Google as possible. Marketing ourselves as a modern solution for obtainingtaxi insurance we knew that the majority of our customers would reach us thorough the website. With the help of mobo we are now seeing nearly twice as much traffic, with being on page one encouraging more direct sales’. Who is mobo? Mobo is a web agency based in Cardiff city centre and although a fairly new company they undoubtedly know their stuff. Having worked on some of the greatest websites in the transport industry the High Gear team has heard nothing but great things about their SEO gurus. Alex Wigmore, web developer at mobo had great faith that High Gear would get to page one in no time. ‘With a team of SEO specialists mobo creates content plans that really work, giving businesses the exposure they need to be a successful online company’. High Gear are already reaping the benefits of owning an optimised website, having a positive effect not only their success as a brokerage. Check out the mobo website and see what they can do for you!

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