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Home insurance policies don’t always cover cash warns research company

Home insurance policies don’t always cover cash warns research company

A research company is warning home owners to check their home insurance policy to ensure their contents insurance covers cash kept in their property to avoid being out of pocket should their home be targeted by thieves. At this time of the year, the police note a peak in the number of burglaries as the winter nights offer more hours of darkness for thieves to operate under. As well as targeting your possessions, many thieves will also be looking to steal cash, as more and more of us store money in our homes ready for Christmas shopping or holidays. An independent research company conducted a study which examined 299 home contents insurance policies. The research found that 26% of these policies offered less than £500 worth of cover for cash kept at home, while 4% offered no cover whatsoever. As home insurance and home contents insurance policies vary greatly, the advice being given to homeowners is to ensure their cover meets their specific needs. If you never keep large amounts of cash in the house, then a policy which covers over £500 of cash in your property will be unimportant, but if you do like to keep a stash of cash under the mattress, ensure your policy is up to scratch.

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