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Hull Drivers Welcome Uber With Open Arms

Hull Drivers Welcome Uber With Open Arms

Although Uber has made their fair share of enemies during their time in business it seems Hull is welcoming the taxi app company with open arms, seeing their expansion as a great business opportunity to come to Hull. The news of the move came in the form of a job advert, a post that encouraged people to come forward and start up the Hull branch of the business. The Uber advert states the manager will 'take ownership of Uber's growth' in Hull and will recruit and train drivers and manage 'strategic fleet partnerships'. The advert reads: 'This is an intense business-side start-up role and this person will work closely with our engineers in San Francisco to monitor driver behaviour and ensure efficiency through scheduling, asset utilisation, and driver incentive programs. 'This role will have direct responsibility for the growth of their business.' Hull’s response Where areas such as London and Birmingham have quiet passionately rejected an Uber invasion Hull seem to be pretty keen with one taxi driver claiming that ‘Uber could reinvent the hull taxi driving industry’. ‘With the power to get market amongst the whole of Hull we as drivers could learn and earn a lot from working for Uber and although this may not happen for a year or so it is nonetheless exciting’. That said, the setup is not so popular amongst the rank owners of the area. Hull Cars merged with fellow city business Six0 Cars in May in an attempt to secure greater market share and stave off digital threat. Six0 boss Shabir Hussain said: ‘Soon, there will only be a handful of taxi firms left in the city.’ "There's no room for a pen and paper, and the technology is so much they just can't afford it.’ ‘I think small firms will just get bought and swallowed up.’ If you are a Hull taxi driver then let us know what you think, will you be signing up to Uber?

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