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London helps black cabbies face new rules  

London helps black cabbies face new rules  

With private hire firms such as Uber facing stricter rules in the capital it seems that London are finally giving something back to the drivers of the city, today releasing a statement that they will introduce new measures to support black cabs and private hire vehicles. "The taxi trade is an icon of our city and should be supported," Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said. "While the legitimate private hire trade is an asset to London, we must not be complacent in ensuring it is safe for passengers. The need for greater enforcement and compliance, as well as stricter entry requirements, is clear for all to see." Today it was announced that Transport for London (TfL) will be introducing 20 more bus lanes and boosting the number of taxi ranks in the city, giving the industry a big boost over the coming years. The regulators will also roll out journey details on its popular online journey planner tool, as well as making sure all cabs can take payment through credit and debit cards.


After a lengthy argument with Uber over testing for licences Uber won the right for a legal review against written English tests. Within today's announcements Transport for London proposed advanced driving tests prior to licencing, set to be actioned in the summer of 2017. While not providing details with regards to what this extra test will involve we do not expect it to go down well with Uber, giving them another obstacle to overcome when recruiting drivers.

Eco-friendly black cabs

In a plea to become more eco-friendly the industry is set to see another shake up. Previously welcoming ride-sharing TFL will from 2018 only licence zero-emissions capable vehicles. This is apparently going to be actioned through a scrappage scheme that will prompt cab drivers to trade in older models for greener versions, assisting London's plans to operate in a more ethical manner.

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