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New car insurance provider for young drivers is launched in the UK

New car insurance provider for young drivers is launched in the UK

A brand new car insurance provider with policies aimed specifically at young or first time drivers has been launched in the UK this week. INGENIE is masterminded by three individuals namely the ex footballer and sports pundit Gary Lineker, former MD of RSA Insurance Group, Steve Broughton and the Chairman of British Airways, Sir Martin Broughton. The innovative new car insurance company was set up with the intention of providing affordable insurance options for young drivers who the company directors feel are often priced off the road. With some youngsters being issued with quotes for over £2,500 for annual cover, it’s not surprising that many are being left unable to afford to get on the road at all, and so that’s where INGENIE hope to help. While the vast majority of other car insurance providers employ a technique known as collective risk assumption to calculate insurance premiums which often leads to all young drivers getting tarred with the same brush and being branded high risk and hit with an unaffordable insurance premium, INGENIE are proposing to utilise the very latest telematics technology in order to create a true picture of each drivers’ ability on the road. Through the data collected from the technology, INGENIE will tailor a car insurance policy to that individual driver and so the safe and sensible drivers will be rewarded with lower premiums, while those who are found to less careful behind the wheel will be quoted a higher priced premium to reflect their riskier behaviour on the road. INGENIE plan to market their product to the young drivers through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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