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Police Officer Car Insurance

Police Officer Car Insurance

[caption id="attachment_2940" align="alignright" width="269"]61nsxG5L7OL._SL1000_ Lego Police Office Car Insurance[/caption] There are many benefits to becoming a Police Officer, being n admirable profession that encourages a valued status within the community. Despite providing amazing support to civilians Police Officers are often stung with high prices for car insurance, especially when looking to cover their own private car. With ‘off-duty’ officers not having to speed through lights to catch criminals some insurers find it difficult to separate the profession from the professional, writing in such risks unfairly. Not only can this have a negative affect on the bank balance but also it will see any additional drivers being added at a larger cost, seeing the whole family pay more as a result of you being a Police Officer. Our Police Officer Motor Insurance policies can include:

  • Any additional extras required
  • Bespoke-made features
  • Payment plan options
  • Additional drivers
  • Payment gaps
  • Protected no claims
  • And much more
How much is Police Officer car insurance?  [caption id="attachment_2939" align="alignright" width="300"]9000012376_2 Lego Police on Bike[/caption] Where many insurers will base policy prices on risk factors the industry work with we do not, providing bespoke quotations for each and every Police Officer. In order to generate a quote we require the following details:
  •  How long you have had your licence
  • Your driving history
  • The area in which you live
  • Where you car s parked overnight
  • Your age
Levels of cover Unlike many other providers we can offer various levels of cover to Police Officers, working inline with their Car Insurance needs. We can offer the following levels of cover:
  • Third Party Only
  • Third Party Fire and Theft
  • Fully Comprehensive
Letting you tailor the level of insurance to your needs and budget ensures you are not overcharged or up-sold anything you do not want, putting you in charge of your motor insurance. So, if you would like to learn more about what High Gear can do for you contact us today and allow us to devise an agreement in no time.

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