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The Most Expensive Driving Convictions

The Most Expensive Driving Convictions

As you will expect, driving convictions have a huge bearing on the premium your insurer will quote you for cover, seeing you as more of a risk on the road. By increasing the amount paid for insurance providers cover their own back, thinking that they will be more likely to pay out for a claim if the driver has a dodgy history. With premium prices increasing by hundreds of pounds for many penalties we thought we would investigate this further, finding out what the top ten motoring convictions are and what threat they pose to the insurance prices UK motorists face. In a recent survey by an aggregator site the following convictions were named as the most common motorising convictions issues by the authorities. The figures in the table below are based on a test quote that was run for a 30-year-old female marketing manager living in Cardiff, driving a 2003 Mini Cooper.

Top 10 Motoring Convictions % Increase in Car Insurance Premium After Conviction How Much Car Insurance Increased by After Conviction
  1. SP30 - Exceeding statutory speed limit on a public road
34% £231
  1. CU80 - Use of a hand-held device whilst driving
49% £337
  1. TS10 - Failing to comply with traffic light signals
24% £162
  1. SP50 - Exceeding speed limit on a motorway
34% £231
  1. IN10 - Using a vehicle uninsured against third party risks
131% £896
  1. DR10 - Driving or attempting to drive with alcohol level above limit
115% £782
  1. CD10 - Driving without due care and attention
51% £346
  1. LC20 - Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence
49% £331
  1. CU30 - Using a vehicle with defective tyre
69% £471
  1. SP40 - Exceeding passenger vehicle speed limit
34% £231
As you can see by these findings, drivers with convictions are slammed with huge fees as a result on their unclean licence, with some penalties causing a 113% rise in figures quoted. At High Gear we focus on a variety of subjects when working on premiums. From the age of the driver, the vehicle they are looking to insure as well as the age of the vehicle and where they leave it at night, we do not centre our policies on our customer's driving history. With all these features put into the mix we tend to help convicted drivers save money for cover, not further punishing them for their actions. Alex Drummond, a Director at High Gear Insurance, feels very passionate about helping the convicted drivers of the UK. ‘ We all mistakes, however, they should not define us as a person. Our team of insurance experts work in a way to help convicted drivers get back on the road, looking at the bigger picture when it comes to arriving at premiums.’ ‘Although wanting to help, we inevitably have to write in the risks put our way. All I would say is to try and be as courteous on the road as you can’. If you have a driving conviction and are looking for cheap convicted driver cover then contact High Gear today and receive a free quote for cover. [convictions]

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