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Uber driver assaulted by rival taxi drivers 

Uber driver assaulted by rival taxi drivers 

It is no secret that Uber drivers and traditional drivers are rivals, with the professional competition often getting out of hand. With riots in the streets of London in previous years it did seem that things were starting to cool down, with healthy competition adding value to the taxi and private hire industry. However, this week it has been announced that worldwide dispute was far from over, win one Mexican Uber driver assaulted by rival drivers. Receiving a mystery call the driver was lured to the San Jose Tecoh area of Merida, Mexico, at 2am. With very few people around at that time in the morning the taxi driver was beaten up whilst his car was set on fire, with rival taxi drivers responsible for the calculated the set up. Dragged from his vehicle by the assailants the Uber driver was badly beaten, seeing him incur wounds to the head and body. He said: "I was black and blue all over, I tried to defend myself but they were kicking me all over'. The Mirror reports: 'It is alleged the attackers belonged to the local Frente Unico de Trabajadores del Volante (FUTV) firm, a taxi movement which protested against the Uber drivers in the city.' Rescuers said that the two men who attacked Rolando climbed into a green and white taxi parked nearby and drove off.' With police now investigating the incident we at High Gear hope that such occurrences will become less frequent, showing criminals that violence of this nature will not be tolerated. Let us know what you think on this subject by leaving your comments below.

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