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Van drivers more likely to keep their vehicles clean says insurer

Van drivers more likely to keep their vehicles clean says insurer

Van insurance provider Swinton Commercial has revealed that van drivers are more likely to keep their vehicles clean, and to tidy them more regularly, than car drivers. As part of an online survey of 1,200 online customers, 45% of van drivers said they would use a bucket and sponge to give their vans a proper clean, whereas only 25% of car drivers would adopt this traditional elbow grease method to clean their vehicle. 27% of van drivers would also use a roadside valet service to ensure their vehicle is spick and span. The online survey conducted by the insurance company found that van drivers are more likely than any other driver to keep their vehicle clean with 39% regularly cleaning their vehicle, whereas only 15% of car drivers would clean their car this regularly. Swinton Insurance believes van drivers’ attention to cleanliness is down to the fact that most van drivers and self employed, and so a clean van is a good advert for their business. The insurance provider added that a clean vehicle is a safer vehicle, especially if the rear and front windows are kept clean so visibility is clear, and there is nothing to obstruct the view while driving.

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