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Would £100 persuade you to fit a black box in your car?

Would £100 persuade you to fit a black box in your car?

Telematics have become very popular of late, with many UK drivers opting to have a black box fitted in their car. By doing so drivers can be the recipients of cheap car insurance, clearly showing their insurers their driving style. Where this is great for drivers on a budget many feel this ‘Big Brother’ approach to be an infringement on their privacy. A study carried out by uSwitch highlights that 26% of drivers rule out telematics as a result of the feeling of invasion, not wanting their driving style monitored so closely. Almost half, 49%, worry that their data could be sold on to other companies, again showing people's attitudes towards black box insurance. The report The uSwitch report states: ‘Car insurance technology is baffling British drivers with just 3 per cent having taken out a telematics policy. 'And, despite telematics being introduced over ten years ago, a quarter of British drivers have never even heard of the technology.’ The report notes, however: ‘To make telematics worth their while though, consumers would want to see savings of at least £98 a year on their insurance premium. ‘However, this amount differs hugely with age – with those aged 18 to 34 and often on much higher basic premiums saying they would need to save £173 to consider taking out a policy, while those over 65 would be happy with just £72 of savings.' Cash incentive With the majority of car insurance decisions made as a result of finances it is understandable that cash incentives work. Imran Ahmed of High Gear says: ‘We are constantly seeing customers that do not care about the standard of their policy, but just need a cheap deal. This is why things like cash incentives work to get telematic policies agreed to’. Let us know what you think, would you have a black box fitted in your car?

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